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NewSquad MU items maker

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Hello gamers,

I made a quick and simple items maker website for test purposes. Its based on https://mu-items-maker.vercel.app/ but made much more simple and faster to use (at least for me) and of course it uses the items list for s17 provided by @rDy in this topic [ZENITH] TEST SERVER DOCUMENTATION

This is the site https://khdoop.github.io/newsquad-items/
You can quickly search by item name and also filter by category like the previously mentioned items maker.
Of course it may have some bugs or stuff like that as I didn't spend much time on it, the goal was to get it done fast. If you find any problems with it (or possible new features) you can comment in this topic and I will try to get on it when I have time and desire 🙂

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Peace is an illusion

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Update 23.07.23:

  • Change /drop to /make
  • Add selection of sockets. Command will change to makesocket if you select more than 0 sockets.
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Peace is an illusion

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