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[Boss] Kundun


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Kundun - Conqueror of Kalima





Little after the Mozu war, which took place many years ago, some part of the victorious army stayed behind to explore the forgotten parts of the Kalima lands. Little did they know what they would find there eventually.
They claimed to have found a miracle for God capable of restoring the MU continent to its former glory before the times of war. It is also said that if someone can re-enter the Kalima and eliminate the bounding shackles that have imprisoned this merciful God, he will reward them not only with knowledge but also by granting them any wish that they can think of.  They had no clue that this merciful god was evil, and he was imprisoned there by the first race that walked the continent thousands of years ago. Unfortunately for them, it was too late when they realized that Kundun was not their savior, but their executioner. Even though the shackles that kept him imprisoned were shattered by the mortal warriors, after all this time he was not strong enough to leave Kalima forever and get on with his revenge.
In current times, Kalima is a territory where Lord Kundun is still banished but now it also houses his most loyal minions after he took control of the land. NewSquad adventurers need to go to Kalima once again and try to stop Lord Kundun in the hope they will succeed where others fail to do so.

Location & Schedule
The boss can be found in Kalima At the end of the map, around {40, 110}.
It spawns 3 times per day:
1 time between 00:00 & 05:59
1 time between 08:00 & 13:59
1 time between 16:00 & 21:59

Duration of Kundun: 20 minutes.

When there is a [PVP] spawn, Kundun will spawn in Kalima 6.
When there is a [NON-PVP] spawn, Kundun will spawn in Kalima 7.

Difficulty Tier: Early-Game

Defense Rate
Attack Rate
Attack Range
Attack Speed
900 ~ 1.100
1 hit / 1.5 seconds 

The boss has a Maximum Elemental Defense Rate which means Elemental Damage is useless.

Skills & Mechanics

Instead of spawning himself, Kundun will spawn
5 Illusions - 1 in each Kalima from 1 to 5, on his usual location.
If all Illusions are killed in 15 minutes,
Kundun will be summoned.
Calls spirits from the ground that deal AoE damage to all players.
A fire wave comes out in front of the boss dealing AoE damage.
The Boss summons various minions from Kalima to fight alongside him.

The boss gains invincible status periodically.


Requirements & Restrictions
To enter Kalima, anyone from the party must have a Lost Map with the same level as the Kalima.
Lost Map is created by combining 5x Symbols of Kundun of the same level (from 1 to 7).
The symbol of Kundun can drop from any monster and the symbol's level is based on the monster level.
The Lost Map will be consumed on use, and the Magic Stone created will be closed after the one that summoned it passes through it.

Open-Entry: Anyone can participate in Kundun while he is alive.
Boss Type: Hybrid - One spawn is PvP (PK is enabled and it is free in the 12x12 range of Kundun/Illusions), and one spawn is PvM (PK is disabled).
Summon (DL) is disabled in Kalimas by default.

llusions Reward: 1x Box of Ancients + 30% chance to drop 1x Blessing of Spirit as an extra reward.
Note: You have a 5% chance to get 1x Early NS Box as an extra reward.
Kundun Reward: 2x High Tier Ancients + 10x Chaos + 1x NS Jewel + 70% chance for 1x Sealed Bloodangel Pants - 15% chance for 1x Cracked Bloodangel Item - 15% chance for 1x Exc. Bloodangel Weapon + 50% chance for 10x Splinter of Armor - 50% chance for 10x Bless of Guardian.
Note: You have a 30% chance to get 1x Early NS Box as an extra reward.

You gain 40 CREDITS & 50~75 RUUD per Kundun kill | 10 CREDITS & 20~40 RUUD per Illusion kill.

Tips & Tricks
To be continued...

Credits: Adapted by NewSquad. The information matches our Zenith server.

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