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[Character] Illusion Knight

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Illusion Knight


    Illusion Knights are chosen from among the Elite Fighters who have undergone rigorous training and honed their sword skills to perfection. They are experts in close-quarters combat and excel in swift, precise strikes that can swiftly dispatch their foes. The class embodies the ideals of mastery over weaponry, discipline, and elegance in battle.
    The origins of the Illusion Knights can vary depending on their place of Origin. In some script pages, it is said that the Illusion Knights were born in Vulcanus and can conjure dual-fire blades that bring havoc to their opponents. In some interpretations, they may come from an ancient order of swordsmen; in others, they might be descendants of legendary warriors. Regardless of their background, these blade masters are renowned for their exceptional swordplay and are highly respected on the battlefield.
    They have access to a variety of combat techniques, including powerful sword skills, swift blade pierces using their infamous conjured blade in their off-hand, and crowd-control abilities. Their skills often focus on dealing high burst damage, executing precise strikes, and maintaining excellent mobility.
    Illusion Knights are versatile and can adapt to different combat scenarios. They can excel in both single-target encounters, where their precise strikes can swiftly dispatch opponents, as well as in AoE situations, where they can unleash devastating sword techniques to cleave through multiple enemies.

   I. Illusion Knight Mechanics and Playstyle

  • Weapon Mastery
    • Illusion Knights specialize in wielding various swords and blades with exceptional skill and precision, including conjuring a secondary blade from the elemental powers themselves. They have access to a wide range of sword-based skills and techniques, allowing them to deliver powerful strikes and combos to their enemies. These skills can include sweeping slashes, thrusts, spinning attacks, and other sword-based maneuvers.
  • Physical Damage
    • These Blademasters are known for their high physical damage output. They can damage their opponents significantly through well-timed strikes, critical hits, and powerful blade techniques. Their skills often focus on delivering strong single-target damage to quickly eliminate enemies.
  • Durability and Defense
    • Illusion Knights possess high durability and defense, allowing them to withstand enemy attacks due to their high agility requirements.
  • Versatility in Combat
    • Illusion Knights have a versatile playstyle, allowing them to adapt to different combat scenarios. They can engage enemies in close-quarters combat, relying on their blade skills and physical prowess. Additionally, they may have the ability to switch between close-range combat to mid-range combat allowing them to strike opponents from a distance due to skills like Wing Glaive.
  • Illusion conjuring
    • Besides having the power to conjure blades out of raw elemental substance, they can conjure illusions of themselves that aid them in battle dealing damage to their opponents while mirroring the Knight's movements.

II. Illusion Knight Evolutions & Quests

Evolution Requirements Quest NPC Quest
Illusion Knight Character Level 1 N/A N/A
Mirage Knight Character level 150 or Higher Sebina the Priest
Devias [183.32]

[Part 1] " Secure the Scroll of the Emperor "
[Part 2] " The Three Treasures of MU "

Illusion Master

[For the 1st and 2nd Parts of the Quest]
2nd Quest Completed
Character level 380 or higher
[For the 3rd Part of the Quest]
Character level 400

Apostle Devin
Cywolf [228.49]
[Part 1] " Prove your Strength "
[Part 2] " Infiltrate the Barracks of Balgass "
[Part 3] " Into the Realm of Darkness "
Mystic Knight Character Level 800 Cent
Lorencia [131.147]

[Part 1] " Qualification test "
[Part 2] " New Battle I "
[Part 3] " New Battle II "

III. Character Formulas
Health (Level * 1.4) + (VIT * 2.6)
Shield Defense ((STR AGI ENE) * 2) + ((VIT * 5) * (Level / 200)) + (Level * 12) + (DEF * 2)
Ability Gauge (STR * 0.15) + (AGI * 0.20) + (VIT * 0.30) + (ENE * 1.00)
Mana (Level * 1.8) + (ENE * 1.5)
Minimum Attack Power (STR / 6) + (AGI / 10)
Maximum Attack Power (STR / 3) + (AGI / 6)
Attack Speed AGI / 20
Defense AGI / 5
PvM Attack Rate (Level * 5) + (AGI * 1.5) + (STR / 4)
PvP Attack Rate (Level * 2.5) + (AGI * 1.4) + (STR * 2.2)
PvM Defense Rate AGI / 3
PvP Defense Rate (Level * 2) + (AGI * 2)
Minimum Elemental Damage (STR / 8 ) + (AGI / 12)
Maximum Elemental Damage (STR / 5) + (AGI / 7)
Elemental Defense AGI / 5
Elemental Attack Rate (Level * 5) + (STR / 4) + (AGI * 1.5)
Elemental Defense Rate AGI / 3

IV. Character Specializations
0% bonus base Defense under 1500 AGI
7% bonus base Defense between 1500 and 2000 AGI
15% bonus base Defense over 2000 AGI
0% bonus base Attack Power under 800 STR
7% bonus base Attack Power between 800 and 1300 STR
15% bonus base Attack Power over 1300 STR

V. Wings

Level Class/Requirements Wings
1 Illusion Knight " Small Iron Cloak "
150 Illusion Knight " Cloak of Steel  "
250 Mirage Knight " Cloak of Ebony "
400 Illusion Master " Cloak of Death "
1000 Mystic Knight " Cloak of Hatred "

VI. Custom Changes & Balancing

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