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Patch CBT 13.13.0 - 20.07.2023


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Release date: 20.07.2023 at 19:35 - A small server restart will be needed.

Note: You need to download the new full client (V7) in order to continue playing.

[FIXED] - Something was fixed/resolved (that wasn't correctly working before OR was bugged/misconfigured/not working as expected).
[ADDED] - Something was added into the game that previously wasn't there (new feature/system/item/command/event/etc.)
[UPDATED] - Something was changed/improved/edited/updated (in most of cases if it is not something FIXED or something ADDED then it is UPDATED)
[DOCUMENTED] - This is a PRE-TAG for any of the tags from above, and it means that the fix/addition/update was already UP before the patch but only now made public.


  • [FIXED] You can no longer use Jewel of Bless in a Pandora's Pick that already has 255 durability.
  • [FIXED] [Enhancement Tree] Bloodying Hit Infection Effect to work correctly.
  • [FIXED] [Enhancement Tree] Frozen Killer Infection effect to work correctly.
  • [FIXED] [Enhancement Tree] Poison Storm AoE Enhancement to work correctly.
  • [FIXED] [Enhancement Tree] Bloodying Hit AoE Enhancement to work correctly.
  • [FIXED] [Enhancement Tree] Frostbite debuff to correctly reduce attack speed (default reduction is 20%).
  • [FIXED] [Enhancement Tree] Greater Elemental Damage Enhancement & Greater Elemental Defense Enhancement to correctly upgrade the buffs.
  • [UPDATED] [Enhancement Tree] Bloody Circle, Icy Circle and Venomous Circle can no longer affect characters at all (auto-purge no longer needed).
  • [ADDED] Implemented the server-side speed protection for every single skill from the game, based on the maximum hits for each 10 speed (10,20,30,etc.).
  • [UPDATED] Quest NPCs will let you know at what level you can talk to them if you try to talk to them without the quest level.
  • [UPDATED] Removed Rageful Blow & Blood Storm from combo.
  • [UPDATED] Removed Elemental Imprint bonus from the following skills:
    • Energy Ball, Magical Shot, Ice, Fire Ball, Power Wave, Lighting, Meteorite, Twister.
  • [UPDATED] Reworked the /clearinv command. 
    • In order you clear your inventory you must type /clear inv. 
    • You can now type /clear and it will show you what options you have for the clear.
  • [ADDED] /clear exp command - it will clear your Expanded Inventory.
  • [ADDED] /clear event command - it will clear your Event Inventory.
  • [ADDED] /clear muun command - it will clear the 5th page (last page) of your MUUN Inventory.
  • [UPDATED] Reworked the /info command.
    • Added the new classes builds and improved the old classes builds.
    • Removed consumables info and added guild & equipped pentagram element info.
    • You can now simply type /info if you want to check the info of your own character.
  • [UPDATED] Players that are reconnected via /reconnect command will now receive web notification when it happens (and by whom).
  • [UPDATED] Players that are disconnected via /dcfriend command will now receive web notification when it happens (and by whom).
  • [UPDATED] Improved /chars command - it now shows up to 4 extra characters, shows their level as well, and the command can be used more easier in terms of name written and conditions that must be met.
    • Note: It can now be used on any character (no matter if it is PK or not).
  • [UPDATED] Improved /resetwings command - it now works for all the wings, the option is deleted without you doing anything (space in inventory, put back new wings, etc.) outside of using the command and automatically be reloged.
  • [UPDATED] Improved /treereset command:
    • You can now type /treereset and it will show you what options you have for the reset.
    • You can type /treereset master - it will reset your Master Tree (and only the Master Tree).
    • You can type /treereset enhancement - it will reset your Enhancement Tree (and only the Enhancement Tree).
  • [UPDATED] Now you need at least level 400 to join the Mecenary Squad.
  • [UPDATED] Replaced normal seals with ML seals for Mercenaries (with the 3 levels).
  • [ADDED] Mastery Skill Box - it has 25% chance to drop a random mastery skill for the class that drops the box and 75% chance to drop a random mastery skill.
  • [UPDATED] Mastery Skill Box can be obtained from BC2 & DS2 monsters as a normal, random drop.
  • [UPDATED] Added 3rd party Anti-Hack (PS Guard).
  • [UPDATED] Improved Launcher and reworked some of its functions.
    • Note: Make sure to register the code from Launcher ingame in order to be able to receive kill/attack notifications.
  • [ADDED] Discord status when playing our server.
  • [UPDATED] Improved Zen System with the new maps and with new values.
  • [ADDED] Merchant Note column in market list.
  • [UPDATED] Removed other currencies from character market sell page.
  • [UPDATED] Many improvements on website (qol, ui, user experience, etc.).
  • [UPDATED] BC Monsters levels & exp levels.
  • [UPDATED] Fully updated the Official Info Topic (with like ~90% of info).
  • [UPDATED] Slightly raised the chance to drop weapons from medals & boks.
  • [FIXED] Elf's STR specialization not showing up.
  • [UPDATED] The zones in 12x12 range of Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy and God of Darkness are now Free-PK.
  • [UPDATED] Kill Limits based on maps:
    • Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland, Devias, Dungeon, Lost Tower -> Max 8 Kills.
    • Icarus, Kanturu, Kalima 6 -> Max 12 Kills.
    • Alkmaar, Raklion, Ubaid, Swamp of Peace -> Max 16 Kills.
    • Uruk Mountain, Nars, Deep Dungeon 1-5 -> Max 25 Kills.
    • Maps higher than Swamp of Dark -> Max 40 Kills.
  • [UPDATED] Fariness Gaps:
    • Level 1~399 gaps:
      • 90~179 -> 90 Levels
      • 180~259 -> 80 Levels
      • 260~339 -> 70 Levels
      • 340~399 -> 60 Levels
    • Level 400~799 gaps:
      • 400~499 -> 80 Levels
      • 500~599 -> 90 Levels
      • 600~699 -> 100 Levels
      • 700~799 -> 120 Levels
    • Level 800~1500 gaps:
      • 800~899 -> 80 Levels
      • 900~1099 -> 120 Levels
      • 1100~1299 -> 160 Levels
      • 1300~1500 -> 200 Levels
  • + Other small fixes, improvements, adjustments.

Good, fast, cheap - you can only pick 2!


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