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Open Beta Stage - 25 AUGUST


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After 7 years of developing OldSquad, one of the most successful, known, and reputable Season 6 projects dedicated towards hard-style lovers & competitive players, we're now starting a new journey, exploring the Season 18+ gameplay and trying to create something truly qualitative for our new community.

We #MadeMUGreatAgain on Season 6 and now we're ready to #KeepMUGreat with our new project.

We'll continue to build around our initial vision, aiming for Long-Term, Semi-Hard concepts designed for competitive play.

NewSquad will only focus on Non-Reset servers, and we'll never support Resets servers. Resets servers will continue to be supported in our OldSquad project.

You should keep in mind that things won't be ideal from the start, but we will continue to work hard and constantly improve our project.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that this time, our number 1 priority will be to build a healthy, toxic-free community where both staff & players should feel comfortable being part of.
We will have absolutely 0 (Z E R O) tolerance towards toxicity, disrespect, anti-game, trash-talk, and bad sportsmanship. Something we were way too permissive with on OldSquad.

The Open Beta Edition of Zenith will start on Friday, 25 August at 19:00 GMT+3 (Monsters will spawn at 20:00 GMT+3).
This will be a simulation of the "Official Edition" that we plan to start somewhere between November 2023 and December 2023.

Quick History

  • We've started working on the NewSquad project since May 2022.
  • We've been through Alpha Stage until October 2022 and then we've moved to Closed Beta Stage which is still going on until the OBT launch.
  • There were hundreds of fixes, changes & additions both during the Alpha Stage (that were not public) and during the Closed Beta Stage (that can be found on our forum - Updates Tracker).
  • While we're not even close to what we want to deliver as the "final product", we are *almost* ready to move to the final Stage of the development - the Open Beta Stage.

Open Beta [OBT] Info

  • The duration of the Open Beta Edition is limited, it will last a maximum of 3 months.
  • Nothing is being kept after the Open Beta Edition, outside of the accounts.
  • You should still expect enough problems or things that aren't "perfect" yet in your playthrough, but we'll be actively working to make everything as close to "perfect" as possible.
  • Official exp rates are applied for the first 30~50 days of the OBT, then we may highly raise the EXP in order to be able to simulate the mid-game / end-game.
  • We will have 3 Stages during OBT as well, content will be progressively released.
  • There are no donations available during OBT - though credits can still be acquired, traded & used as usual (but only acquired from the game).
  • Anything can be changed during OBT, even drastic changes, at any point in the Open Beta Edition.
  • We are open to any kind of feedback during the Open Beta (reports, suggestions, debates, etc.).
  • You can make Credits for the official edition by being active in the OBT (reports, suggestions, debates, etc.).
  • You will keep 5% of your Credits farmed during OBT, which you can use on the official edition, that will remain on your accounts.
  • The most active players during OBT (in terms of their contribution) can get a slot in our Council.
  • We'll permanently have a separate Public Test Server where you will be able to freely test anything you want (and you'll have access to all kinds of Test Commands).

Good, fast, cheap - you can only pick 2!


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