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Open Beta Edition - Opening Info


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Hello & welcome to our Open Beta Edition!

The launch of the OBT will be today at 19:00 Server Time. Mobs will spawn at 20:00 Server Time.

We're glad to open our gates to the public in this new stage of development for our Zenith project.

I know that many of you are coming here with very high expectations based on our S6 project (played it or heard about it), and we want to make things very clear from the start. This project is far from what we want it to be, and nowhere near a final product, but we're working hard to bring it to the level where it belongs.

I must say, WEBZEN did a pretty bad job with this game, and I understand why there are not many (if any?) serious hard/semi-hard non-reset servers on the latest seasons (and why you mostly see 9999x resets servers). It is a veeery hard job to do something decent and veeery time-consuming. We've reworked a lot of the game basically from scratch, from item stats up to drops, skills, characters, buffs, and so on. There was no logic and no "balance" on how the game was designed by default.

But as you imagine, it is one thing to theory craft on paper and another thing to actually see the experience in real time. And that's what Open Beta will be about. We're simulating an "official" game, but a game that is not guaranteed to offer a real pleasure (or who knows?), we're gathering data, we're gathering feedback, and we're gathering reports so we can adjust our project based on your experience. 

Our interest right now is about the early game (level 1~500) and everything related to it. We want to see how the exp feels, how the progression feels, how the economy feels, early farming, and so on. 

Expect bugs, expect things to not work as intended, expect anything. It is an Open Beta. Make sure to report and be vocal about your experience!

Keep in mind that while the characters are tweaked for PvM, the PvP aspect wasn't really touched, and won't be touched until the PvM tweaks are final (else it would be a waste to do all the PvP balance based on some chars values that will be changed). 

During the OBT, anything can be changed at any time, in real-time. From the smallest change up to the biggest one. Don't take the OBT seriously, don't get too attached to it, don't invest more time than needed. Treat it casually, you may be disappointed otherwise.

We will also be playing during OBT (me - as rDyy, @Mario - as Mario, @PressPlay - as IPressPlay, and @BMG1601 - as BMGG to have the same experience as you, the players, and to better understand your feedback and everything gameplay-related. We'll have our own casual party and we'll sometimes ask for +1, come and say hi!

In the end, we want to thank you for your interest in being part of this Open Beta Edition. We are confident that together we can create a great semi-hard S18 project and we're eager to meet you!

I'll leave the initial OBT info here as well:

Open Beta [OBT] Info

  • The duration of the Open Beta Edition is limited, it will last a maximum of 3 months.
  • Nothing is being kept after the Open Beta Edition, outside of the accounts.
  • Official exp rates are applied for the first 30~50 days of the OBT, then we may highly raise the EXP in order to be able to simulate the mid-game / end-game.
  • We will have 3 Stages during OBT as well, content will be progressively released.
  • There are no donations available during OBT - though credits can still be acquired, traded & used as usual (but only acquired from the game).
  • You can make Credits for the official edition by being active in the OBT (reports, suggestions, debates, etc.).
  • You will keep 5% of your Credits farmed during OBT, which you can use on the official edition, that will remain on your accounts.
  • The most active players during OBT (in terms of their contribution) can get a slot in our Council.
  • We'll permanently have a separate Public Test Server where you will be able to freely test anything you want (and you'll have access to all kinds of Test Commands).
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