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Patch OBT 2.2.0 - 30.08.2023


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Release date: 30.08.2023 at 18:00 - Server quick maintenance needed as well as manually rejoin the game.

Note: You need to update your game via Launcher (PlayZenith.exe) - restart the Launcher to do the update (if you have it open).

[FIXED] - Something was fixed/resolved (that wasn't correctly working before OR was bugged/misconfigured/not working as expected).
[ADDED] - Something was added into the game that previously wasn't there (new feature/system/item/command/event/etc.)
[UPDATED] - Something was changed/improved/edited/updated (in most of cases if it is not something FIXED or something ADDED then it is UPDATED)
[DOCUMENTED] - This is a PRE-TAG for any of the tags from above, and it means that the fix/addition/update was already UP before the patch but only now made public.


  • [DOCUMENTED] [FIXED] Death Bones not correctly despawned after being killed.
  • [DOCUMENTED] [UPDATED] Death Bones now have a normal HP Pool and a normal defense (and can be attacked with skills as well). They're still running around though.
  • [FIXED] Cloak of Ebony (W2) not increasing stats (DMG,DEF,ABS) for IK.
  • [UPDATED] Reduced IK's overall damage with 12%.
  • [UPDATED] Reduced Charge Slash, Wind Glaive & Blade Storm skill scaling damage with 10%.
    • These 2 nerfs are because the PvM balance tweaks were made with w2 (which were apparently not working for IK). 
    • Basically now IK is weaker earlier on but better later on (basically, after W2).
  • [ADDED] Twisting Slash to IK as its Tier 1 skill.
  • [UPDATED] Reduced the Zen cost of adding an item into website's Market from 1kk per item to 200k per item.
  • [UPDATED] Reduced the Zen obtained from selling the following items:
    • Dark Horse Spirit - 600k from 10kk
    • Dark Raven Spirit - 300k from 5kk
    • Jewel of Bless - 700k
    • Jewel of Soul - 800k
    • Jewel of Life - 800k
    • Lost Map - 80k
    • Mirror of Dimensions - 80k
    • Scroll of Blood - 80k
    • Wings Level 1 (all wings) - 5kk
    • Wings Level 2 (all wings) - 15kk
    • Wings Level 3 (all wings) - 80kk
  • [FIXED] Cannon Magic Gun not being able to be equipped.
  • [FIXED] Added a new custom-fix for the CC mobs that are stuck outside of the map edges when the map shrinks.
  • [UPDATED] Removed normal drops from CC monsters & added 6% chance for 1x Bless / 1x Soul / 1x Chaos when they die.
  • [UPDATED] Corrected some Launcher resolutions (that were showing as different resolutions) and added the 2 other resolutions that are supported:
    • 1680 x 1050
    • 1904 x 1041
  • [UPDATED] Slightly reduced the CC mobs HP.
  • [UPDATED] Wings Level 2 mix now requires 3x Medium Magic Stone and now has a standard 90% rate no matter the wings level 1 options.
  • [UPDATED] Buffed Death King's HP with 25%.
  • [UPDATED] Nerfed Cursed Dragon's HP with 15% and DMG with 10%.
  • [UPDATED] Nerfed Death Bone's HP with 15%.
  • [UPDATED] Buffed Kundun's HP with 15%.
  • [UPDATED] Buffed Nightmare's HP with 25%.
  • [UPDATED] Buffed Maya Hands HP with 30%.
  • [UPDATED] Slightly Buffed Illusions 3~5 HP.
  • [UPDATED] Nerfed Crywolf Fortress monters DMG.
  • [UPDATED] Reduced Breche's AG cost from 12 to 7.
  • [UPDATED] Increased the amount of Bless that can be dropped by White Wizard from 15 to 20, the amount of Souls from 10 to 15 and the amount of Chaos from 5 to 7.
  • [UPDATED] Increased the maximum stack for the following potions:
    • Apples - Max. stack is now 25 from 15.
    • Small Healing Potion - Max. stack is now 20 from 15.
    • Healing Potion & Large Healing Potion - Max. stack is now 15 from 9.
    • Small Mana Potion - Max. stack is now 80 from 50.
    • Large Mana Potion - Max. stack is now 55 from 30.
  • [UPDATED] Slightly nerfed the Elemental Damage of monsters from Acheron.
  • [UPDATED] Slightly nerfed the STR requirement for the Iris set.
  • [UPDATED] Adjusted stats requirements & item levels for Dark Phoenix, Sate & Holy Spirit sets to match the rest of Tier 3 sets.
  • [UPDATED] Combat Quiver & Devilwood Quiver now requires level 180.
  • [ADDED] Combat Quiver & Elemental Magic Book in drop from Monsters between level 54 & 123 [ATL2/LT3 up to Ubaid included]. 
  • [UPDATED] Removed Scroll of Blood from drop, you no longer need it to enter Illusion Temple.
  • [FIXED] Warp from Website not correctly working for Acheron.
  • [UPDATED] Reduced cooldown on Warp from Website from 30 minutes to 15 minutes.
  • [ADDED] Julia (NPC that teleports you to Lorencia) in Event Square at {207x,72y} and in Loren Market at {58x,83y}
  • [UPDATED] PK'ers can now use Shops.
  • [UPDATED] Removed the default drops from Maya Hands.
  • [ADDED] "Pentagram" in all Pentagrams names so you can pick any of them by adding "Pentagram" word on Helper pick-up.
  • [UPDATED] Changed the "POST" color with something (hopefully) more visible. Awaiting feedback.
  • [FIXED] /invasion showing the Elbeland's WW status for both Elbeland WW and Dungeon WW, now the Dungeon WW status should show correctly.
  • [FIXED] Kundun not correctly remaining alive after the spawn. So here's how it should work:
    • Illusions are spawned and they stay for maximum 15 minutes.
    • If they are killed before the 15 minutes timer, Kundun will spawn.
    • If any Illusion survive after 15 minutes, Kundun won't spawn anymore.
    • The maximum Duration of the event is 20 minutes (both illusions + kundun).
    • The faster the Kundun is spawned, the more time from those 20 minutes you have for it.
    • If 20 minutes passes after Illusions are initially spawned, and while Kundun is alive, it will despawn.
    • Let us know if now it correctly works.
  • [ADDED] Death Bones status in /invasion.
  • [ADDED] Treasure Hunt Reset hours in Launcher's calendar.
  • + Other small fixes, adjustments, improvements.

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