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Patch OBT 3.3.0 - 04.09.2023


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Release date: 04.09.2023 at 13:30 - The patch is now up and no restart was needed.

Note: You need to update your game via Launcher (PlayZenith.exe) - Restart the Launcher to do the update (if you have it open).

[FIXED] - Something was fixed/resolved (that wasn't correctly working before OR was bugged/misconfigured/not working as expected).
[ADDED] - Something was added into the game that previously wasn't there (new feature/system/item/command/event/etc.)
[UPDATED] - Something was changed/improved/edited/updated (in most cases if it is not something FIXED or something ADDED then it is UPDATED)
[DOCUMENTED] - This is a PRE-TAG for any of the tags from above, and it means that the fix/addition/update was already UP before the patch but only now made public.


  • [DOCUMENTED] [UPDATED] Adjusted monsters Elemental DEF to match their tiers.
  • [UPDATED] Illusions of Kundun can no longer spawn Kalima gates after they are killed.
  • [FIXED] Wings level 2 mix to correctly show the 90% chance in client-side.
  • [FIXED] Doppelganger requiring 2 members in the party instead of 5.
  • [FIXED] Doppelganger custom timers triggering faster than intended, causing the zone restrictions for PvP too early (with the possibility of missing out on the Golden Chest).
  • [UPDATED] Devil Square participation reward will now be delivered to the Gremory Case (K) to avoid space problems.
  • [UPDATED] Highly reduced the chance to get Bloodangel/Darkangel Shields from Dark Elves.
  • [FIXED] Quest 3 not correctly starting for GL.
  • [FIXED] Mastery Skill Box dropping from BC1 instead of BC2.
  • [FIXED] Mastery Skill Box not showing its correct name on the ground (showing as Purple Chaos Box).
  • [FIXED] PvP & Non-PvP invasions type not being applied to Illusions of Kundun.
  • [UPDATED] Removed Holy Bolt as part of the random Mastery Skill Box drop.
  • [UPDATED] Holy Bolt can now drop as an extra drop for elves that drop the Mastery Skill Box.
    • Example: If you're an Elf that drops the mastery box, if you hit the 25% chance to drop your class skill, you will drop either Focus Shot + Holy Bolt or Raining Arrow + Holy Bolt.
  • [UPDATED] Slightly reduced the Jewel of Life drop rate.
  • [UPDATED] Increased Jewel of Creation & Elemental Rune drop rate on their maps.
  • [ADDED] New custom server-side protection against "anomalous movement".
    • This feature prevents both "move hacks" as well as the "bug" with the character flying off-map with helper active when moving to a party member. 
    • Note: We're still tweaking it so there may be false positives.
  • + Other small fixes, adjustments, and improvements.

Good, fast, cheap - you can only pick 2!


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