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[Zenith] Info about Characters


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Specific Changes & Character Guides

You can find individual changes based on the Character, as part of their guides (it is a work in progress, many things missing probably):

Global Changes

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently only Attack Speed, Elemental Stats & Character Specialization bonuses are showing correctly in (C), the rest of the stats (attack power, defense, rate, etc. are showing values based on default formulas not on our new formulas.

IMPORTANT NOTE2: All buffs, debuffs, etc. from all characters have been changed and you can see their information on the skill tooltip(s), including max rate, scaling, formula, and so on.

The following changes are changes that are not specific to only 1 Character (it is a work in progress, many things missing probably):

  • [UPDATED] MG, RF, DL & GL now receive 6 points per level.
  • [UPDATED] The rest of the chars outside of MG, RF, DL & GL now receive 50 extra points for finishing the 1st Quest (Scroll of Emperor).
  • [UPDATED] The rest of the chars outside of MG, RF, DL & GL now receive 70 extra points for finishing the 2nd Quest.
  • [UPDATED] The rest of the chars outside of MG, RF, DL & GL now receive 90 extra points for finishing the Marlon Quest (Ring of Honor).
  • [UPDATED] Maximum Attack Speed for all classes is now 300.
  • [UPDATED] Skill Damage % for BK, SMG, DL, GL, SL & IK is now static at 200%, without the possibility of raising it further.
  • [UPDATED] SD Formula for all classes except DL & RF is now ((STR+AGI+ENE)*2)+((VIT*5)*(Level/200))+(Level*12)+(DEF*2).
    • [UPDATED] SD Formula for DL is now ((STR+AGI+ENE+CMD)*2)+((VIT*5)*(Level/200))+(Level*12)+(DEF*2).
    • [UPDATED] SD Formula for RF is now ((STR+AGI+ENE+CMD)*2)+((VIT*3)*(Level/200))+(Level*12)+(DEF*2).
      • So, what happens now is that the VIT will exponentially affect your total SD starting from level 200. The higher the character level & VIT the more SD you'll have.
      • For us, VIT was always (starting from S6) a stat that is 90% related to PvP, so in order to highlight that even more, we're tying it to a 100% PvP element, which is SD.
      • This means if you only care about PvM you can ignore the VIT outside of the comfortable PvM values, but if you care about PvP resistance you can't ignore the VIT anymore.
  • [UPDATED] Buffers are now Hybrids with limited buffs that have the same formulas in all sub-servers.
  • [UPDATED] Lemuria & Kundun's "Bond" is only applied to themselves and not to other characters from the party.
  • [UPDATED] The "Bond" buff is nerfed to 6% damage instead of 30%.
  • [UPDATED] Removed the push effect from the Cyclone, Lunge, Slash & Uppercut weapon skills. The only weapon skill left with a push effect is Falling Slash.

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